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Numer katalogowy: MIAOMIAO

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A reusable sensor overlay that allows you to create a non-reference system for continuous glycemic measurement with Freestyle Libre. The device transmits measurements every 5 minutes by sending a signal to the telephone. The application on the phone allows you to send a signal to any other phone and thus, for example, a parent can have a permanent preview of the child's sugars.


Applications that you can use with MiaoMiao:


  Xdrip+ (download)            Spike - only for iphone (go to website)       Glimp (download)


Requirements: Android 5.0 and higher, bluetooth 4.0

Specification of the MiaoMiao overlay:

- built-in battery allows for 24/7 continuous operation. The set includes a usb cable that can be connected to the mains charger from almost every telephone - charging frequency about 2 times a month NOTE The manufacturer forbids using the latest modern chargers for quick charging! Only use standard chargers.

- flat, touches the sensor from the side, on a very small surface

- measurements are made every 5 minutes,

- total water resistance and water resistance

- the cover can be used by sticking it to the skin directly with the use of stickers attached to the set (4 pcs starter set for 2 months) or when we want to occasionally use the cover, we recommend bands with an elastic frame

Available armbands colors: 1. black 2. white
Armbands are available >here<Polecane filmy:


Buying in our shop you will get:     

   EU WARRANTY           MANUAL (to Android) & SERVICE               HELP DESK



The device has a CE certificate.
The subject of sale is the device itself. The MiaoMiao overlay is just a bluetooth device and is not a medical device. The indication values in the phone application should be treated as approximate and always be based on a glucometer when making decisions in the curk. Warranty 12 months.


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