BluCon Nightrider transmiter CGM

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This device is quite obsolete now, new and better device you can buy >here<

Blucon is overlay for sensor that allows you to create a Freestyle Libre amatour system for continuous glucose measurement. Placed in specially designed and fitted arm band make a measurement every 5 minutes with sending signal to the phone. The application on your phone allows you to send a signal to any other phone and for example, parent can have a permanent look at the their kid sugar levels.

- small overlay size - the overlay and the sensor have an "optical" dimension of two imposed sensors
- round shapes and small overlay sizes make it more user-friendly and easier to use
- the overlay has specially designed arm band that improve its stability and significantly reduce its movement relative to the sensor during daily operations.
- measurements are made on average every 5 minutes
- the overlay does not require charging - It has a removable CR2032 battery, it is sufficient for continuous measurement for 24h / 14 days then you have to remove and change battery.
- this version of overlay is not waterproof - remove it before each bath, if you want waterproof there is available new version of device - please check MiaoMiao on our site -> miaomiao
- Blucon need armband with frame or claw:

Opaska czerwona    Opaska na blucon czarnyOpaska na Blucon niebieska

Below is draft showing standard using:

 BlueCon draft

To use this system you will need smartphone with android system and install free aplication Xdrip+, Glimp or LinkBluCon from Google Play store, on apple iOS store there is Linkblucon app and Spike ( Bluetooth on your phone should be in 4.1 version.

Stop thinking about scanning and make your sleep well!


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This equipment has certyficate CE and it could be sold to all EU countries. Blucon Nightrider is not a medical device. More in regulations section. There is some possibility that your phone will be not working with blucon - then you should check on the other, generally lot of smartphones works good but some of them becouse of android version and bluetooth version can be hard to cooperate.

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