Proper storage of insulin during the holidays


Proper storage of insulin during the holidays

Beautiful, sunny weather outside the window is a harbinger of the coming summer, and consequently - holiday trips and travels. Therefore, it is worth thinking about insulin today and its proper storage during the holiday season. Where to keep it and how to transport it so that it does not lose its healing activity?

What conditions should you keep your insulin?

Storing insulin in inappropriate conditions may deprive it of its therapeutic properties. Therefore, every person suffering from diabetes must know and follow the rules of its storage and use right after opening.

  • Insulin is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator at 2 to 8 °C, preferably on the door. It is important that the insulin is away from the cooling cartridge.
  • Under no circumstances is it allowed to freeze, let alone use insulin that has been frozen, changed its color or consistency.
  • We do not store the insulin we currently use in the refrigerator, but we carry it at room temperature, i.e. below 30 ° C.
  • This hormone will lose its therapeutic properties if stored at extreme temperatures, i.e. below 2° C or above 30 ° C. Injecting such insulin will result in elevated blood glucose levels.
  • Do not use insulin if you see crystals or lumps in the vial. This means that insulin is broken and is not suitable for injection.
  • It should be protected from the sun.
  • Be careful not to expose the insulin vial to severe shock, as it may cloud and become unusable under the influence of insulin.
  • Open the vial, pen, pen for up to 4 weeks. After this time, replace the insulin cartridge even if some hormone has remained in it.
  • Finally, it is worth noting that the expiration date placed on the packaging by the manufacturer refers to the unopened insulin kept in the refrigerator.

Storing insulin and holiday trips
When choosing a holiday or a trip, it's worth to prepare the insulin properly in order to preserve its healing properties and to serve us despite the changing conditions of its transport.

If you fly to your dream vacation by plane - remember to put the insulin in your hand luggage. Why? There is too low a temperature in the luggage compartment, which could result in the hormone becoming unusable. When traveling abroad, it is also worth taking with you the supply of this hormone in the event of loss or deterioration, because this available outside of our country may differ significantly in type and strength of operation from the one you use.

However, if you plan your holiday trip by car, train or bus, remember not to expose insulin to extreme temperatures, as well as to strong shocks. Do not leave it in a hot car or any other sunny place. It is also worth to remind all diabetics that by going on vacation, remember to take and have information from the attending physician about the fact that they are suffering from diabetes and must carry with them such things as: insulin, glucagon, pen, glucometer, belts for a glucometer, an injection or an insulin pump. First of all, at the airport, where the services very much abide by the ban on carrying liquid substances, this information may be useful to us and protect us from the problems associated with taking insulin with you.

How do you keep insulin during the summer to ensure it has the right conditions?

There are many ways to store insulin, but if you want to be sure that it is kept in optimal conditions and will not lose its healing properties, put on an innovative and technologically advanced insulin cooler with a display. This is a unique product that has been designed to provide insulin, as well as other medications that require storage in appropriate conditions, e.g. vaccines, safe transport and optimal cooling. The case maintains a temperature of 10°C for about 12 hours. An additional convenience is a built-in thermometer, which on the display shows the current temperature inside the case, so you do not have to open it, which increases the cooling time of the preparations in it. The case is equipped with in 2 cooling cartridges with double protection, 4 insulin slots, as well as a place for a document from a doctor confirming diabetes.


It is extremely important to transport insulin in conditions favorable to it, i.e. at the right temperature and place that prevents it from moving freely, otherwise it will lose its healing effect and become useless. Therefore, do not hesitate anymore, just buy today the proposed insulin cooler with display, place it in a backpack or purse and enjoy the full sunny weather and holiday trips.

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