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MiaoMiao2 FAQ questions and solutions

MiaoMiao 2 is currently the most popular cover for Freestyle Libre sensors. Although the equipment is simple to use and practically trouble-free (much better reliability compared to the predecessor miaomiao 1), communication with the phone is not always the way we would like it to be. 99% of emerging problems are problems related to the software settings or the phone system itself (there are a lot of different versions of the android system on the market). We have tried to explain most of them to help you solve a problem yourself.

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Freestyle Libre readers: BUBBLE Libre CGM and MiaoMiao 2

Two new Freestyle Libre sensor readers (overlays) have appeared in our store: BUBBLE Libre CGM and MiaoMiao 2. Both covers are the latest technology enclosed in a small housing. Both overlays are waterproof (IP67) and allow data transfer from the Freestyle Libre sensor to the phone, thus creating a DIY CGM system - Do It Yourself.

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SugarBEAT new CGM with no pain system

SugarBEAT is a revolutionary CGM system for completely needless measurement of the level of sugar in the body. No more needles and painful applications!

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World news: New smart insulin

A new smart insulin has been developed. It will help diabetics to prevent sudden hypoglycaemia. It can have a radical effect on the current treatment!

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Freestyle Libre patches revision

Revision of the situation related to the Freestyle Libre sensor patches by the manufacturer. For some time, a group of people have been developing that report symptoms of allergy and excessive skin reaction. What will the situation look like in the near future?

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Smartband and Freestyle Libre alarms

This smartband will inform you when your glucose level is too low or too high! In the past, this option involved the purchase of an expensive watch, at the moment cheaper alternatives are already available. We invite you to read the description and the instructions - which is very easy.

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MiaoMiao - stickers, armbands to make beautiful your cgm!

MiaoMiao Freestyle Libre reader

MiaoMiao is a fully waterproof reader, no battery replacement required. Allows you to send measurements from the Freestyle Libre sensor to your phone every 5 minutes

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Natural fruit cold tea!

An infusion filled with cold water is the perfect portion for hydration for the whole day - in a natural way, without sugar! A great alternative to fruit juices, fruit shake or carbonated drinks. Twinings Cold Infuse consists of only natural ingredients and gives your water a subtly sweet taste!

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Sensors protection

The Flash Glycemic Monitoring System and the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System allow people with diabetes to measure their blood glucose levels painlessly and without the need to puncture the fingertip. This is possible thanks to the sensor placed in the subcutaneous tissue, which automatically measures the sugar concentration. All users of the system should take care of the sensor in a proper way, remembering about its regular replacement and protection against unsticking or accidental pulling out. How to protect the sensor from damage?

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CGM by Glimp with Blucon Nightrider

After the latest updates, the Glimp application is no longer just a program for reading measurements from the Freestyla Libre sensor by NFC but also works as a CGM with Blucon Nightrider and MiaoMiao overlays. How is he dealing with this? In this article, we will try to answer this question.

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